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Netbios Share Scanner is a completely free network share scanner from one of the leading IT security
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16 May 2012

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In recent years numerous incidents of data loss and hacking attempts has come to light. Even large organizations including the likes of Sony and JP Morgan chase have been compromised by hacking attacks. Now if you happen to run a business you too must be worried about the flow of information in your network and would be keen to detect network vulnerabilities. With NetBIOS in vogue as a popular communication protocol for sharing data on local networks, you need to keep an eye on the fact that these shares do not end up getting public. Well if you are looking for tool that does all this with costing a fortune then you need to get hold of Netbios Share Scanner 1.0. Designed to work out both Linux and Windows machines, this program primary looks to protect Netbios shares that have been left open and susceptible to unauthorized access.

The Netbios Share Scanner 1.0 application can be launched from the command line and it automatically starts scanning your network for vulnerabilities. All you need to do is key in the network address and an output file name and tool does the rest. However if the resources are password protected then password needs to be entered. While NetBios offers a great way to interchange data over a local network, if its shares are left open as you access a public network, a hacked exploit the same and access confidential data. This specific application is designed to block all such attempts and immediately warns you about open shares. The application comes with a supporting video tutorial that lucidly explains how to use the application and thus even novice users can learn to apply it within minutes.

When it comes to measuring the performance of Netbios Share Scanner 1.0, we can safely say that it comes across as the best in its class and thus earns a score of 3 rating points for its efficacy.

Publisher's description

In this day and age, there is the constant risk of information leak and other security issues regarding the Internet and networks. In order to keep sensitive data belonging to your company and customers safe at all times, you should constantly check your systems for security vulnerabilities to ensure that you keep at least one step ahead of any attackers. Netbios Share Scanner is one of the free tools available from SecPoint, a leading producer of IT security software. The homepage contains a new and improved tutorial video which will guide you through the straightforward and quick process of scanning your network for vulnerabilities. The software is available for both Linux- and Windows-based systems. To scan a network, it is simply a matter of starting the command-based program, entering the IP address for the network you want to scan and, if required, the user name and password to log into a secured site. You can then choose a format for the output report and leave the program to scan the server.
Netbios Share Scanner
Netbios Share Scanner
Version 1.0
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